Musings on the year so far!

Woah, has it been an eventful year. And here I was, thinking that E3 in June was going to be my year’s highlight!

(It was amazing of course. Frenzied, chaotic and massive, with everything from Aliens to Star Trek girls, checking out Assassin’s Creed, XCOM, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 and seeing all the big company shows. I even got to interview Randy Pitchford and Quantic Dream’s David Cage. We also ate too much (frozen yogurt, and Pink’s hotdogs, yum!), checked out some awesome comic shops (like the Golden Apple), cheered for the Green Knight at Medieval Times, went to the Lego store at Disneyland,  and went shopping at the Grove.

More pics here, here and here.)

Through the whole thing though I was feeling a bit…off. Like I was coming down with something. I felt really tired all the time, which I put down at the time to the change in temperature, and who knows, maybe jet lag as well. And the one time I overindulged (really strong G&Ts at the Xbox party) I seriously paid for it the next day – urgh.

When the lovely Steve picked me up at the airport I gave him the rundown, and we finally put two and two together. We got a pregnancy kit from the pharmacy. The two little lines did not lie!

Since then (June seems so long ago, yet it feels like it’s all gone by in a complete flash!) there’s been a frenzy of activity…



buying (and testing out) new furniture:

getting smaller sized clothes:

and ogling, in disbelief, this scan, which actually looks like a real, live little baby:

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