Lovely weekend

Wet and yechhy outside today, with rain – serious rain, not the light misty stuff we had all weekend. It was a fantastic Queen’s Birthday weekend – we taped the French Open tennis semi finals and finals, and watched them across the whole three days.

While we sat on the couch Steve worked on editing some of his POV mountain biking movies, and I started that sweater I think I mentioned last post. After doing a fair bit of fine-gauge knitting (an ysolda shawl, plus a pair of socks), knitting on bigger needles feels both weird and awesome, as the work just goes so fast! I must be half through already.

Oh, and the food: I whipped out my Nigella Express cookbook, which I haven’t actually used that much (though her sour apple martini is one of my staples), and planned out the weekend’s eating:

  • Tuna and bean salad for lunch (Sun – Mon)
  • Coq au riesling for dinner on Sun
  • Croque Monsieur bake (Monday brunch)
  • then for dinner last night we had a Brandied bacony roast chicken, with a potato and mushroom gratin, and green salad :))

Needless to say the fridge is crammed with leftovers, so we’re pretty much set for the week as well.

I got lots of writing in – my SocNoc novel is up to 8,800 words, most of which I actually like. We sauna-ed twice, I finished Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (which was lovely), and yesterday we went for a hike in the Wright’s Hill Reserve – up Salvation, and down Deliverence, a couple of mountain biking/walking trails. It was so muddy though we only came across a few bikers, and everyone was happy and chatty.

Now it’s a work day – though I’m working from home, which means I’m still in robe and PJs – and the drizzle isn’t quite as charming as when you’re on holiday. Still, the cats like that I am at home, and I’ve started a new class, the Novel for Beginners (or something similar), with Dennis Foley, which I’m really looking forward to. It’s not a “how to write” class as much as it is a “how to structure your own approach” class, a “find the bones of your novel” class.  So no critiquing but hopefully a lot of new ideas.

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