Lunchtime in the cemetery

So I thought I’d try out blogging from the new iPad; so far I’m really enjoying the way I can fit everything in my bag when I go to work now. As relatively light as my laptop is, I did tend to avoid carrying it around, as when packed with book(s), lunch, glasses, pens, notebooks, diary and other stuff, the whole package was getting quite unwieldy.

Granted, this whole purchase is a rather grand experiment in alternate ways to fit writing into the day. But if anyone’s interested, here are my reasons for taking the iPad route:

* I very specifically wasn’t looking for a laptop / computer replacement. I already have a laptop that, while old, continues to do its thing extremely well.

* I wanted something that would be really portable, easy to use, but also with a reasonable battery life.

* I didn’t want to get an iPhone.

* I was hoping whatever it was would let me both type, but also use a stylus for tablet-style inking. I know the iPad isn’t remotely comparable to pc tablets, but as I said, I didn’t want to go down that route.

* Cost was also a factor… I’d considered the MacBook air but it was just that little bit more expensive. And while things like disk space, multi-tasking and other valid arguments against the ‘Pad are totally relevant, for my purposes (writing, mostly), these weren’t really deal breakers.

Plus they are awesome to use, and loads of fun, heh.

So, I haven’t written in five or so months. Sorry about that. What have I been doing?

After a rather extensive phase spent up to my elbows in dye, fibre, and handspun wool, I got a phone call a from my old company, wondering if I could do a spot of testing for them. I’d already taken on some part time work in the mornings, but I said if that fit in with their project needs, then I’d be happy to work for them. I think that was in August. Things have been really busy since then.

We did get away for a trip to Melbourne, and if this app will let me (WordPress for iPad), I’ll post some pictures. Melbourne was amazing, simply amazing, but I got sick while I was there, and whatever it was really took hold. I was crook for a couple of weeks.

Oh. The other thing that happened was back in July, and I suspect it’s the reason my blogging sort of petered out then. My nana passed away after a long bout with dementia. The whole thing was overwhelming, but in a quieter, softer sort of way compared to my grandpa’s death. His passing was completely traumatic for everyone; it was just so unexpected. But with nana, it was… Awfully sad, but a bit bittersweet as well. Bittersweet’s the wrong word. A peaceful end, anyway.

And so here we are, and it’s December somehow. Did the year off go as I’d planned it? Not exactly. But one thing I enjoyed was the chance to just breathe, to detach from being pinned to the desk at work, to be able to spend some time doing other things, just for the pleasure of doing them. I didn’t write as much as I originally wanted to (though I have been doing loads of game reviews), but having not written, I’m aware of how much pleasure it gives me, and how much a part of my life it is.

I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year; the trip, and getting sick put an end to any delusions of catching up on my word count. But I think my goal for the Christmas period is going to be to try and write every day, even if it’s just a little bit. I have so much of this story to tell, the floodgates are straining, about to burst open. I just need to give myself the time, and to make sure I have fun doing it.

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