Fiber-y (fibre-y) stuff

After all the excitement of New Zealand’s draw with Italy it seems sort of mundane to be talking about wool and yarn, and jobs and such. But that’s my life these days! I have been writing too, though not as much as I would like. My brain’s been a bit duh lately; maybe it’s the cold weather. I’m in the lounge, fingers and toes feeling freezing, even though the gas fire’s cranked. The cats are curled up in a ball together on the couch. Poor things!

There’s been a shop update since I last posted:

Cruise merino roving
pacific winter
Pacific Winter merino roving
golden honey
Golden Honey merino roving
Candyland merino roving
sea spray
Sea Spray merino roving
Seagull merino roving

…which I think are quite nice. I’ve also been in touch with a couple of awesome fibre artists through etsy, Hobbledehoy, and Maude and Me (also from Wellington!), and they’re keen to do a fibre swap! While I haven’t sold any of the new stuff yet (and I’m crossing my fingers it’ll happen soon), Etsy is still a really cool place to join in with the crafting community, and lots of people are big into trading.

I’ve also made an order for some more merino – from Whorls and Wheels – gah! Wheels and Whorls – because the last lot was so gorgeous. Ideally I’d like to order directly from a farm or something, but I can’t really afford to try out a huge range of different suppliers just to find out if what they produce is right for me. I’m also picking up close to 2 kilos of gotland roving from a farm in the Manawatu this weekend, which I’m really excited about.

On the job front, I just got a call this morning from an ex-colleague asking if I’d be interested in 2-3 weeks’ worth of testing! Rather fortuitous, as my savings is decreasing and I’ve even been applying for a few part-time jobs. The frustrating thing is everyone seems to go “oh, it must be a mistake. Why would someone who’s had a reasonably lucrative full time job (career, even) want to apply for this? Nah, we won’t even get her in for an interview.” I’m so tired of people making assumptions about me, and my interests, based on the jobs I’ve had in the past. I mean, I can’t even get an interview for a book shelving job at the public library! For the record: I WANT a job in an interesting environment. I WANT a part-time job. I WANT to be in a workplace where I’m surrounded by interesting people talking about all sorts of interesting things. And to be frank, I really don’t care that much about how much I’m paid. Am I a freak?

P.S. I’ve been thinking about adopting this new theme from WordPress, called Koi. What do you reckon? It’s warmer than my current theme, Neutra.

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