An Open Letter to Key Harvesters

Being a typewriter enthusiast, I have strong feelings (none of them good) towards people who insist on chopping up old typewriters so they can turn the keys into jewellery.

For starters, typewriters (especially the beautifully-made older ones that seem to have such desirable keys) are a finite resource, while fashion, as we all know, is fickle and ever-changing. While the key choppers, I will grudgingly admit, have at least an eye for the gorgeousness of typewriter design, the idea that they are “recycling” is laughable.

Anyway, I came across this excellent open letter to key harvesters recently. Read it.

And if you are tempted to join the ranks of key harvesters? Don’t do it. These gorgeous machines have lasted the test of time because they were designed to last, they are crafted from sturdy materials, plus they are beautiful to use. Just because we live in an age where everything is disposable (including your $3,000 plastic laptop), doesn’t mean everything is fodder for us to destroy.

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