Quick hi

Just a quick hi. I’ve signed up for SoCNoC (or however you arrange the combination of upper and lower case) – the Southern Cross Novel Challenge, or NaNoWriMo Down Under. The whole premise of the thing is to give us kiwi writers something to do during the cold winter months (and man, is today cold!) as the weather is far too fine in November to lock ourselves away. Of course the argument falls down when one considers that most of us who do SoCNoC also do NaNoWriMo, but just ignore that bit.

I’m on reprieve from jury duty, which I was hoping I’d be able to write about in a little more gory detail. But alas, I wasn’t picked for the seat amongst the other eleven angry men, but I did get to see the inside of a courthouse, and the back of the head of a young guy who was being accused of receiving a stolen vehicle. Still, I have to ring the jury hotline every night this week to see if they need me to come in again (I’m tempted to write: come in, to be rejected again but I am a far more noble creature than that).

But yes, it is absolutely freezing outside. No actual frozen objects, mind you, and thankfully no rain (especially after all the flooding that’s been going on in the south island) but it’s cold enough to have the gas fire on already and I’ve made plans to move into the lounge to do the rudimentary planning for my SoCNoC novel. (I’d actually forgotten all about it and made the decision to sign up last night. I’m not worried – I’ve pulled off NaNoWriMo novels with less to go on in the past.)

I’ve also been reasonably busy spinning & knitting (and dyeing, and cleaning bits of a fleece), and have actually put some fibre up in my Etsy shop, after a hiatus of a few years. I’ve got plans to put more up soon, so keep an eye out. I’ve even got some more Polwarth and some dyes arriving at the house either today or tomorrow, so I can keep the momentum going. But no time for pictures, alas. I have to go check the mail and then get to planning. Usually I just scribble notes in a hideous pink notebook I’ve used for NaNoWriMos since 2007, but this time I’m going to try and use Scrivener, using the “structured story development” template. Scary, I know.

Anyway, will tune in again later. No doubt when I’m procrastinating.

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