Yay! I’ve finally got on to the project that I’ve been planning since the end of last year: digitising my grandpa Doug’s diary that he kept while he was based in Tonga in 1943, as part of the 2nd NZ Exploratory Force. There were a few tweaks I had to make, in terms of my original plan to structure it chronologically, rather than, uh, ‘blogologically’, and apparently WordPress doesn’t allow for publishing of dates earlier than 1970, which also put another one of my ideas in the crapper. But anyway, I’ve done what I could (and what my patience would let me) and have got the first few pages up. You can find the blog at http://dkfurrie1943.wordpress.com. (Image heavy as I’m scanning in the original entries as well as *trying* to transcribe them. Needless to say my transcription isn’t the best.)

In other news, I’ve also signed up with the Critters workshop. They look totally awesome; I’m really looking forward to submitting some of my short stories for review.

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