The agonies of shopping sprees for the unemployed

Something I was anticipating but hadn’t yet experienced in my newly-unemployed life was the ‘shopping spree’ mentality that I occasionally go through. I’m not much of a clothes-buying girl, and I thought I’d cleverly cut myself off with my book-buying habits by making a few regular trips to the library, but when the urge hits me, it hits hard. Usually my buying frenzies are hobby-related (cue large bins of wool for spinning, and yarn for knitting, fabric for sewing, etc. etc.), so they’re quasi-useful. I tell myself I’ll make my own clothes, things for family and friends, or make art (the ten pack of ilford black and white that came in the post a few weeks ago).

But a few days ago the tarot bug hit me, and it’s hit hard. I don’t really talk about tarot cards much, because, well, I haven’t cracked out my old decks for quite a few years. But I was sorting through a box of stuff and came across a few decks and woah, the wash of art, symbolism and tactile yumminess of them all was pretty intense. So I scrounged around and found my old books (Connolly’s Apprentice and Journeyman books, Greer’s Tarot For Yourself), and got out the cards and had a good old play.

Then I made the mistake of going to Aeclectic Tarot, and the dam burst. That site is the enabler of the insane tarot collector. There are hundreds and hundreds of decks detailed there, most of which have a good accompanying review and a sample of the cards. I had more tabs open on my browser than I knew what to do with. Steve was shaking his head (amused, I hope). There was no way I could resist.

In the past, in my working life, when the bug struck I’d either slap down my credit card then and there, or else write my must haves in a little notebook, which I called my ’30-day list’. I’d write things down I HAD TO HAVE, and promise not to buy them for a month. A month later, I’d look back at my list, and if I was still feeling desperate about whatever it was, I’d get it. A very sly and effective way to rein back on the spending, if I do say so myself!

But: now I don’t have a steady income, just a pot of savings that I’m dancing around anxiously, I’m not keen to keep hitting it hard with some big hundie hits. So what’s a girl to do? At first I just sighed and thought I’d better just not spend any money, but then I realised I had a whole pile of stuff I’d been meaning to put up on TradeMe (NZ ebay), and it’s sort of snowballed. I’ve got sewing patterns that have never been used, a couple decks of tarot cards that just never clicked with me, a book, some DVDs (two movie, one yoga), and a computer game. If I’m lucky I should score a couple hundred dollars, which is more than enough to get the two decks and two books I’ve got my eye on. I might even – GASP – make money in the process!

(Yes I’m aware that I’m employing the circular logic that the desperate cling to during sales (look how much I SAVED!!), but if you think about it, it is sort of awesome to have a spending spree and wind up with some extra cash in had.)

Anyway, for the record, the decks I’m getting are:

The Vampire Tarot (check out the artwork here), and

Universal Fantasy Tarot (art here)

They’re a bit mad, but I like them a lot. For a good long while this deck was top of my list, but I got a little put off by all the apparent cards with beheadings on them (especially for the suit of swords, funnily enough). Next time!

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