Sabbatical day 9

You know what? That stuff I wrote earlier is pretty shite. Rambling on about structure? Ye gods. If anything it just goes to show how in ‘work mode’ I was when I wrote it. That feeling of needing to be productive, of having to account for every minute in the day. If anything I think it shows how nervous I was last week about the whole thing as well. Interesting.

I’ve been doing some cool stuff – yoga, photography, eating with friends (Alex for dinner on Sat, Jamie & Em’s on Sun, coffee with Katherine today), writing and even a spot of organising as well. It’s been really good. The weather’s been off and on – either pea soup or gorgeous and sunny. It was gorgeous and sunny today!

Caught the bus into town just after 12, and met Steve for a drink at 3C (Chews lane), but ye gods, the cider was expensive! Ten bucks for a cider and a lime and soda for Steve. My unemployed inner banker was balking at the price. Sigh. There’s always got to be one thing to angst about, I suppose. Now I have all the time in the world I worry about money.

Reading: Perdido Street Station, China Mieville

Listening: They Might Be Giants, The Sugarcubes

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