1000 blank white cards

So I’ve been playing more board games lately – everything from our old copy of Pay Day (with pieces from Go To The Head of the Class) to Saint Petersburg – and I was sifting boardgamegeek.com AND found reference to something that sounded sort of mysterious: 1000 blank white cards. I looked it up and found yet another internet phenomenon I seemed to have missed when it was actually phenom-ing. (Find info here and here.)

The gist is that you start out with 1000 blank cards, from which you draw on a handful, and use these, mixed in with a whole lot of blanks, to ‘seed’ your deck. When you play (basic drawing and playing sort of mechanics), you either score points based on what is on the card, or, if you get a blank, you have to draw on it and create a new card. Awesome eh? At the end of the game, the players vote for their favourite ‘x’ number of cards to include as the seeds for the next game.

And while it would be nice to produce some gorgeous looking works of art, I think that’s not the point… the main thing is to be creative and have fun with your friends – the stuff of all great board games. I’m totally going to try this one out.

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