Buddha machines and other stuff

I’ve been playing with this all evening. Maybe ‘playing’ is the wrong word. I was initially looking for something white-noisey that I could listen to while I was trying to write and Steve was pootling around the house. I thought initially that even something like sounds of rainfall or waves might do the trick, and somehow I came across the very awesome Buddha machine. It’s one of those things that’s been around for yonks but of course you never hear about it but everyone else does. This is what they look like:

buddha machinesawesome eh? These are the first versions (there is a mark II model out there).  The sound is crackly and there are only a few looped tracks that play over and over endlessly – or until your AA batteries run out.

I like them. Like their tinny quality, surreal, dreamy sounds, and even the way they look. I think I’m going to get one for Jeremy D – especially after he sent me this incredible typewriter all the way from Perth. I’ve been looking for a present for him for ages; something a bit different. And he’s an extremely spiritual chap, so I think this would suit him right down to the ground.

I really haven’t been blogging much lately. Have been spending all my computer time either messing around with different apps like Scrivener and Midnight Inbox (which is finally working for me, with the latest release), or surfing, or writing.

Work’s… well- it’s hard at the moment. Lots of pushing and pulling and it’s very frustrating. No real chance to stick to one project all the way through. I spend quite a lot of time angsting about work, and the funny part is the actual work part of work I really enjoy. I’m just not very good at all the other stuff. Pleasing people, playing the game. Some people are just so damn good at playing the game I really can’t begrudge them. I’m too much in awe. It’s just not part of my makeup at all.

And NZGamer? I haven’t had much to review from them lately either. I’m not sure what’s going on at the moment. Maybe I’m giving off some “keep away” vibe. Or maybe it’s just winter. I don’t know. I do know that I’m very content just doing my own thing, writing, reading, pawing through old papers and notes, getting out some old books I haven’t read for ages. One’s on meditation, which I was reasonably into for a while, maybe ten years or so ago. I need a little more calm and relaxation. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to those buddha machines. I’m enjoying the ‘between spaces’, the uncommittal, the undefined object, thoughts that drift by, that you don’t necessarily need to always catch and do something with.

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