New Year, new class

So I’m taking Short Fiction 1 at Whitireia. Class started today! It’s still early days, but I’m really excited. A lot of the class seems to be based on Janet Burroway’s Writing Fiction, which I’ve heard about, but never read before.

We’re being encouraged to keep a journal and post some of those entries on our class home pages. I thought I might try and do something here with this blog, seeing as I already do morning pages (though urgh, not this morning) and keep another sporadic journal as well. I thought I might put up the odd writing journal post here and see how it goes.

On page 3, Burroway has this to say about a writer’s journal:

It doesn’t matter what you write and it doesn’t matter very much how much, but it does matter that you make a steady habit of the writing. A major advantage of keeping a journal regularly is that it will put you in the habit of observing in words. If you know at dawn that you are committed to writing so many words before dusk, you will half-consciously tell the story of your day to yourself as you live it, finding a phrase to catch whatever catches your eye.

It’s a nice way to describe it. I’ve always been a journal writer, and I guess I’m used to observing in words. In many strange ways I find it much easier to express myself if I can write something down than when I have to speak, off the cuff.

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