It’s Saturday, and I really can’t complain about that at all. Had a mad week, what with being sick, taking cats to and from the vet, pilling Soots, who now also has one less fang and an attitude problem, Pippi meanwhile won’t stop going crazy all round the house, plus we have Jeremy & Megumi staying, Steve had a huge bike crash during the week and I got the resulting grubby meaty wound to clean, and there’s been an abundance of political bullshit at work. Yup, it’s safe to say I am one very happy relaxed Jess now that it’s midday on Saturday.

I have already been up since quarter to seven, despite having a late night up reviewing a new game. I’ve done morning pages. I’ve worked on the novel. I’ve done chores! Now it’s just midday and I can’t believe how much I’ve got done in the last five hours. I should get up early more often (though to be honest there just isn’t the same ‘feel-good factor’ in getting up early during the working week. Just means I get to work earlier.)

I’ve been spinning lots, and knitting – just finished a pair of socks – which means I might actually do it the right way around this year, and have things completed FOR winter, instead of knitting during winter… in time for spring. Have another pair of socks planned, as well as a couple Rebecca sweater patterns. Fingers crossed I keep up the momentum.

I’ve also been reading quite a bit, though there’s been one casualty: The Little Friend, by Donna Tartt, which I loved at first, but then got the sneaking suspicion that nothing much was really happening. I looked it up on goodreads, and my god, I’ve never seen so much vitriol (OK, that’s an exaggeration, this is the internet after all). After that I sort of lost my enthusiasm for the book. I feel bad about it, but not so bad that I’m going to pick it up again in a hurry. In the meantime, I’ve picked up The Savage Detectives , by Roberto Bolaño, and Lonely Werewolf Girl , by Martin Millar (I got the book autographed from his website – the price was still a deal, compared to how much some websites were expecting me to pay here in NZ). Loving them both at the same time, equally, but in different ways. Oh yeah.

Savage Detectives reminds me a bit of Reinaldo Arenas’ Before Night Falls in tone – or maybe it’s that they both share the ‘lonely writer comes of age while having lots of sex amidst political upheaval’ theme. Werewolf Girl is not what I expected. I don’t know exactly what it was I was expecting, but it has a much more contemporary sort of feel to it (I’ve never read any Martin Millar before) and it’s a lot more disjointed and rough around the edges than I was expecting. I’m really really not saying that as a negative, in fact he somehow makes it all work to the book’s advantage. It’s still early days though;what I’m saying is merely based on early first impressions.

Anyway, am heading off now. Jeremy and Megumi have headed up the coast for the afternoon, and Steve will be back soon from his Karipoti training ride. If I want to get any more writing done I’ll need to move fast. Adios.

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