Long time no write!

er, yes, sorry about that. I’ve been so ridiculously preoccupied with all sorts of things that I’ve been a terrible, awful correspondent lately. You should see my to-do list!

I’ve been busy with a writing workshop I’m doing through writers.com, with the very lovely and eagle-eyed Sandra Novak, have been buying up large on the old typewriter front, have been trying to finish off several knitting projects (mystery christmas present for my sister, pair of socks, sweater I have had on needles for a few years (urgh!) now), and generally trying to keep it together at work, oh, and I’ve joined a gym too. Once you get to know me, though, you’ll know that I tend to go through phases of doing things, and then not doing things. Profound, I know.

Soon I will have chucked it all in and you’ll be getting frequent blog updates, where I expound upon all the chocolate I’ve been eating and computer games I’ve been playing. (I have been playing Discworld far too much lately as well…)

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