Pootling along

Today really has been a bit of a pootler. You know, you cruise along, tinkering here, pottering there. I have a little work to do this week, which I’m hoping will keep the PMs off my back (got a lot of grief for my lack of productivity last week, even though everyone knew about it and I was asking around for work). The joys of an office job, eh?

So, I’ve done my little thing of work today, and there may be more coming in at some point, but that’s all the universe seems to want to allocate to me today. In any case, I’ve really been enjoying the new Evernote beta, which I signed up for a while ago. I like the way it’s cross-compatible with Windows (at work), Mac (at home), and even mobile (though not my mobile) – and it all squidges in the middle with the web app. (I also am particularly impressed with the search function’s abillity to detect writing in images.) If you’d like to have a try, let me know and I’ll send you an invite. I’ve got 10 up my sleeve. (Though there are probably invites floating around everywhere.)

Not much writing lately – reviews and previews have been pretty thin on the ground lately, and though I did get away at lunch yesterday for some more work on my long-suffering novel, all the ado at our house has been re: renovations, painting, stripping walls, insulating, ripping up carpet and the rest. It’s really starting to look good now though, and the cold weather that’s creeping up on us all in the southern hemisphere New Zealand (it’s still damn hot in Australia) makes me thank all that is holy that we’ve already insulated the ceiling.

I’ve also taken the plunge and volunteered to make the curtains for the house – roman blinds, cotton on one side, blackout thermal on the back. Hopefully will keep us toasty. There are great tutorials for them all over the show. (I got the blackout material from TradeMe, and the cotton from Superbuzzy.) Will let you know how they work out (ulp)!

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