Well, busy little bees we have been around here, what with picking paints, getting lovely new scotias from Carrara ceilings as well as paint from Resene & Dulux. You can see the scotia a little better here:


It took us a while, but we’ve finally decided on the following colours for our house:


Wright hill (Dulux) – spare room


White Island (Dulux) – lounge


White Island quarter (Dulux) – hall & main bedroom


Paris White (Resene) – study

I don’t know how good these colour chips come out compared to the paint itself. Paris White has been in my study for a good while now, and I still love it. It’s a peaceful, soft, bluey-green.

So far this weekend we’ve finished painting the ceiling and scotias, and are just making a start on the spare room. Wright Hill is an interesting green colour – I’ll post pics when it’s done.

Not a lot else going on – had pottery this morning, the last class of the semester. I had eleven pieces to glaze! Unfortunately, I’m not able to pick them up until the start of next semester – May the 10th.

We’ve got a massive pile of catnip at the moment – from Mum. We planted most of it, but the semi dead stuff that was left got thrown onto the path in the back yard, and immediately pounced on by Sooty and his mate from down the road, Indy.

IMG_3607 IMG_3611

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