Sims 3 First Look

Hey, so my ‘Sims 3 first look’ preview is up on NZGamer at the moment (here).

Tristan also is going to be interviewing some of the top Sims brass (including Rod Humble!) and asked if I had any questions for them. This is what I sent:

As shown in both sims city societies, and the glimpses we’ve seen of the sims 3 and spore, it appears that there is (and has been) a definite shift away from the number-crunching side of Sim gaming to a ‘fuzzier’ style of gameplay that puts greater emphasis on the communal,social experience. Has this been an intentional change of direction, or is our gameplay style just changing?

Along those same lines, do you see the paths for The Sims, Sim City and Spore games ever ultimately converging?

In previous interviews you’ve mentioned that with the large pool of personality types, players can come up with some interesting combinations that often result in unpredictable emergent behaviour in the neighbourhood. What are some of the stranger examples you’ve seen?

Since the entire neighbourhood will be running mostly without the direct influence of the player, can we expect the AI of other sim families to be more sensible so they can look after themselves (go to the toilet, or even to work) without intervention? To what degree will Sims on a player’s periphery (i.e. ones they’re not playing directly with) behave autonomously?

We’ve just heard that The Sims 2 has hit the 100 million mark! This is great news (Sims fans are going to take over the world someday), but do you find With so many fans, it becomes more difficult to to try and experiment with the model rather than just giving players whatever they want? We really can be pretty rabid at times.

We’ve noticed that a lot of features that came with Sims 2 expansion packs seem to appear in the base Sims 3 game, such as gardens and weather. Are these just artistic representations of the game, or will the base game really have all of this built in? Speaking of expansions, will The Sims 3 expansion pack model be the same as The Sims 1 and 2?

The Sims bodies and faces we’ve seen in screenshots look fantastic, and you wouldn’t believe (actually, you probably would) the number of people who are excited about being able to create fat sims! Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any vampires, werewolves, zombies or plantsims among them. Will the Sims 3 be keeping any of our supernatural friends, or do you have some other surprise in store for us?

Rabid, fannish-type questions:

The realtime aspect of the game is also really exciting. Have you seen any unexpected ways of playing with this new feature? Would buildings such as hospitals and apartments be possible now?

Before The Sims 2 was released, a standalone Create-a-Sim was released. Will you be doing this for The Sims 3 as well?

Will The Sims 3 retain the standard ‘work’ model, or has this been revamped?

Will The Sims 3 see the return of Mark Mothersbaugh? (Please say yes.)

Will the Goth family return to the game?

I’m sure it’ll all be made more ‘flowy’ for interview purposes, but it could be a nice opportunity to find out more about the game and share with everyone. I’ll make sure to post the interview once it’s published.

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