New Mac

Well, testing, testing, and all that jazz, cause I’m writing this on my new MacBook! Luckily, it only took a day or so to set up the wireless connectivity to the network (problems with the DNS settings, but they are all sorted now).

So far… well, the most I can say really is that it feels strange. Strange to be using a completely different OS for starters, but also interesting. Today I found downloadsquad, which has a whole lot of information on different applications, widgets and the rest, which was quite a big help to me, as I knew sort of what I wanted, but had no idea where to look.

Applications that, so far, seem quite cool and interesting include: MindNode, ecto (what I’m writing this with), CopyWrite, Scrivener, Journler, and photo drop. All very cool applications, though I’m really only just learning about them all. Which I decide to stick with will be another story.

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