Quiet day

Well, I’ve been checking the TNT consignment tracker all day, and it looks as if the MacBook I wound up ordering is somewhere in the skies between Singapore and Grafton. Grafton. Where on earth is that? Estimated delivery date is the 10th, which means it’s not likely the laptop’s going to plop down in my lap this afternoon (though a girl can still, irrationally, hope).

This week has been extremely quiet at work, and aside from a full day of work on a client site yesterday, there’s been a lot of web surfing. I’d much rather be at home, doing something productive like poking around in the garden, but the intricacies of work dictate that although I have nothing to do, I must do nothing here at my desk. Fair enough then. I shall blog.

Steve is going for a bike ride at lunchtime, which is a good thing, as it means that the Karapoti hasn’t put him off biking. He did amazingly, by the way – even though he hasn’t updated all the details on his blog yet – beating his previous PB with a time of 3 hours 22 minutes.

So anyway, I have a free lunch period (sounds like I’m back in school) and I have both a book (Wuthering Heights) and a notebook to keep me company. I just need somewhere quiet to go. I don’t really fancy sitting in a cafe somewhere – you always feel like you have to move on once your coffee’s finished – but refuse to stay here at my desk. Steve suggested the cemetery, which is a lot less morbid than it sounds. The Bolton Street Cemetery is a lovely place just off The Terrace, where heaps of people go for lunch. Much nicer than Midland Park (which someone very kindly has reviewed), which gets so crowded and gives you the impression of a whole lot of suited pigeons who can’t think of anywhere better to sit. The cemetery is more my style, though I hope it’s not too cold.

…Where the hell is Grafton? Is it in Auckland?

In other news, each of the (three) items that I’ve put up on TradeMe have precisely… no bids. I wonder if it’s because I’ve priced them fairly, answered everyone’s questions promptly and included some good photos? Nah, that couldn’t be it.

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