DirectX 9 vs DirectX 10

I think this guy lets Vista/DirectX 10 off a little too easy. While his article is obviously trying to visit both sides to the story, the conclusion “but they’ll never forget that it isn’t easy being a PC gamer sometimes” irritates me to no end. I’ve been a PC gamer for 14 years now (24 if you count early Commodore 64 action) and the so-called advancements in production value and graphics only barely outweigh the hassles that PC gamers are increasingly asked to put up with by games companies.

Every new game title I get to play or review means a trip online to look for new display drivers, a trip to the game forums to find out what problems other players have had before me, hassles with ‘software incompatibility’ (read: image-mounting software, all legal), and other fun moments, such as when Windows Live or Steam give you grief because you prefer to play a game while not connected to the internet.

[As an aside: most games these days are so resource-intense that they require you to – and often ask you to – disable all non-core processes running on your PC, including anti-virus software, a move that cancels out any chance of me staying online during that period. Steam’s demands that you remain online while playing amounts to virtual suicide.]

Back in the 90s, gaming seemed a lot more fun, and a lot less work.

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