Getting ready…

You may have noticed the little badge in the upper right hand corner of my blog. Yup, it’s WriMo time! I’ve been scouring the boards, scribbling notes and generally trying to prepare myself for the onslaught that’ll be starting next thursday…the novel! What will it be like? Will the gods smile on me next month, or will they (as they have in previous years) throw me a curve ball? To recap:

2003: first NaNoWriMo. Was in Dublin. Working on a borrowed laptop from my sister. Laptop died, and in the last week of November I moved back to New Zealand. Mission: failed.

2004: I thought I was much more organised. Living in a flat on Kelburn Parade in Wellington. Desk, check. Computer, check. All going well until my grandpa died on the 17th. I didn’t feel much like completing it after that. Mission: failed.

2005: A highlight. Most of 2005’s WriMo was written on Steve’s kitchen table, in the sun, at his gorgeous house in Raumati, sea air coming up through the wide open doors to his deck. Mission: completed!

2006: The start of November found us in Vietnam. I actually started my NaNoWriMo attempt in my moleskine notebook from a hammock on Phu Quoc island, while drinking a pina colada. Too difficult to keep up the momentum amidst the snorkeling, swimming, motorbike trips around the island, drinking and avoiding dropping coconuts. Mission: failed.

This year I’m determined. I reckon this November will be a relatively stable one, without too many distractions, though we ARE moving house on the 26th. No matter, I reckon I can do it!

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