What is it with Wednesdays that just do not inspire confidence? It started this morning in bed, before I’d even got up: urgh, it’s Wednesday….. sorry to say I’m having one of those days where I’d rather be at home reading.

In other news (hurrah, there is some!) my Pendemonium ink order arrived yesterday. Four gorgeous J. Herbin inkpots, in Bleu Pervenche, Lierre Sauvage, Cafe des Iles and Ambre de Birmanie. Pens were immediately rinsed out (nearly empty ones I mean) and filled – the Parker with the Ambre de Birmanie, the Lamy with Lierre Sauvage. So far, so good, aside from my green-stained fingers.

Got a couple of text messages from James yesterday – he’s in Portland! What a coincidence that he’s there as well as Jeremy and Megumi. He was heading up to go see Mt. St. Helens and then was going to be driving down to L.A. – I hope Steve & I can make it back sometime soon (next year maybe). I miss James – I hope he comes over here once he’s finished his South America trip.

There’s also some really weird shit going on with the weather at the moment. I know – weather. Hardly the most scintillating topic, however there’s some serious winds hitting the south island at the moment while strangely, Wellington’s enjoying some pretty balmy weather, which is always going to be considered weird for the town that can outblow Chicago.

Oh, and a week till NaNoWriMo starts – you can find me here.

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