….say whatever you like about Courtney Love, but Hole’s Live Through This is bloody great. Listening to it for the first time again in years.

Not up to much else. Last night started playing Ratatouille (PS2), which I’ve been given to review. It’s not great; what movie tie-ins ever are? At the same time though, I’m disappointed with it. I was really hoping it would be better.

Had a great weekend. Got lots done at the house, including wool insulation in the ceiling (thanks to Steve). Jeremy and Megumi are going to be storing some stuff at our place while they go to Portland to work on Coraline (see Neil Gaiman’s blog entries on it here), so they were busy clearing out all the stuff we hadn’t had the chance to start on, and once that was finished, they started building some shelving! So business all round really. (Busy-ness, not business.)

I’ve kicked off quite a few seedlings and turned over most of the garden. Pruned back all the trees that were smothering the wee lemon tree at the back corner and have been watering it every time we go round. It’s starting to look really good now. Loads of wee flowers and small green lemons starting.

Also had my second-to-last pottery class on Saturday. Brought home a few pieces but I think next week’s going to be a goodie. I’m definitely signing up for next semester.

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