A little silk problem…

Y’see, Steve and I were wandering around Sapa last October when my feet stopped right outside this place where all the women were gathered around. I poked my nose in, mostly surprised that they were more interested in what was inside, than us gringos with US dollars to spend. It was the most amazing store, most mind boggling due to the copious amounts of silk inside, that all the women were buying to use for their embroidery to sell. I caved, and bought 400g. I think all up it cost me 8 dollars.

Anyway, fast-forward to nearly a year later. I’ve still got all this silk – all eight gorgeous hanks of it:


…it’s really a problem…



Anyway, I really need something to do with it. Lace, I suppose. But should I try to dye it first? And what would be a good pattern to highlight its roughness (which I love)?

I’ve been thinking about it for ages, and I just don’t know.

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