New Job

Things have been pretty busy lately, with the new job starting up last Monday, my parents coming down on the weekend to look at the new house, trying to do work on my research essay, doing a bit of sewing (some drawstring pants that I made a bit too baggy), knitting, spinning and pottery class! This week I am making myself do nothing but my research essay, as everything else has pretty much bumped it aside over the last few weeks. Was going to get up early this morning and do some work on it but before I knew it, it was quarter to EIGHT and we had to haul arse to get to work on time. As it is, Steve is home sick today, so it wasn’t the best start to the morning. Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Yesterday I went to the lunchtime yoga at the Yoga in Daily Life centre, with a few people from work. It was fantastic! It was a nice mix of relaxation and a bit of dynamic stuff as well. My muscles are really feeling it today, but in a nice way, not the crippling you get when you go for the first run in six months. Lidia, who I work with, teaches yoga, and is quite keen to start something up, maybe even here in the building.

Not too much else on. Got my new phone today though!

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