Woo! New fibre (fiber?)

Just finished making an order with Crown Mountain Farms. They had some sweet looking hemp top, as well as some plain tussah silk and I caved and got myself a silk hanky. Oh, and then I got some sock yarn. *sigh* I have no self-control this month. Anyway, as of Monday I’ll be at my new job and will be too busy to spend all my hours trolling the internet, ordering things I can’t afford and updating my blog with such regularity.

It’s Thursday and I’ve got one more day here at work before I finish up. Things have really got hideously boring lately, what with handing over all my tasks to other people, and now I am stuck with nothing to do but answer the odd question.

Yesterday, after work, pissed off at the crap job I had done dyeing some merino earlier in the week, I tried Hello Yarn‘s oven method. Even though I didn’t even bother to mix up any new dye, and instead of adding vinegar to the dye I just sprayed it with my spray bottle of white vinegar, it really came up fine. Quite vivid, even though the fuschia/brown combo had quite a bit of dye come out in the rinse. I put it on the clothes rack to dry and spent the rest of the night working away on my über fine lime green number that has taken what feels like forever to complete. I still have no idea what to do with it once it’s done. Socks? Who would want lime green socks? Even if they were some rad pattern? Still thinking.

Speaking of Fuschia, I want to go here. I went to Doolin when I was living in Ireland, and it was the most mad place I think I’ve ever visited. There was one pub, and it was totally crowded with everyone from town, all drinking and playing music. It was one of the most freeking awesome places I’ve been to. And I’d love to go back to Connemara while I was there too.


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