For some reason I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today. Just been reading various blogs really, and I guess the thing that amazes me the most is how much people seem to do. Sewers, quilters, knitters, spinners…people are churning out stuff at a fair rate of knots, I don’t know how they do it. I get home from work and all I want to do is take a nana nap. Or knit and watch Firefly re-runs. I wrote a little list of things I’d love to be good at (and/or do on a regular basis). It’s ridiculous really:

  • gardening
  • knitting
  • spinning
  • sewing
  • quilting
  • bookbinding
  • weaving
  • writing
  • candle making
  • soap making

Plus I’m starting a pottery course soon.

It’s totally ridiculous. How can one person do all those things? I’d also love to be good at making things out of wood, in the cabinet making vein, but ye gods, I’d need a barn to house all the tools and equipment.

Met up with Jeremy & Megumi for lunch today. Well, Steve sent me an email going “look out the window! It’s Jeremy & Megumi!” I looked out the window and saw them walking down Lambton Quay, one green hat and one red hat. Quickly rang Jeremy on the phone and waved across the street at them. They were in town going to the auctions that are on every Tuesday on McGinity street (near the Wellesley club). I went over at lunchtime and watched Jeremy bid on some stuff. He scored some cool tools while I was there – a box of stuff for 50 bucks! After, we went for lunch at the Fujiyama cafe. It was cool to see them after the crazy weekend.

I keep thinking about the house. Is it crazy, locking yourself into it? All my other friends either have places (Ben & Tash, Daph & Graeme) or are thinking about getting a place (Ben, Jeremy & Megumi, Sean) … why do I alternately feel happy, or freaked out about it all? It’s just so much money.

Maybe I’ll feel differently (less nervous) once we’re actually living in it. After all, there is that glasshouse to think of!

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