Interweave hurt sale

So I only heard about the Interweave Hurt sale when I came into work this morning, and being all out of whack compared to US time, I think I missed out on at least a half day’s worth of frenzied purchasing. There were actually a few books left, so I was able to score:

In addition to all of that, the last of my Amazon order arrived yesterday:

These are so brilliant. The Ball book has over 400 recipes, everything from strawberry jam to pickles, chili sauces, juices, and some really inspired combinations (raspberry and chipotle – if my memory hasn’t weirdly distorted that one). The huge garden and the glasshouse were two of the things that made me fall in love with our new place, so of course I’m dying to plant as many veggies as I can this summer, and hopefully there will be a lot of preserving as a result as well. The Favorite Mittens book is one I’ve had my eye on for a while now, and includes some awesome traditional (US east coast, and Canada) mitten patterns, for everything from thrummed mittens, to fishermen’s wet mittens, which are shrunk so the stitches get so tight that nothing can get through them.

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