I’m already in a bit of a foul mood after getting some bitchy email from this woman at work, wondering why a report went out half a day later than when it was finished (even though I sent it out four days before it was due). I took the bait and sent back an equally snarky email. Aargh. Hate work.

Have been trying to update my blogroll and links (have been trying to get rid of the waffly and meaningless “personal” category, so you might notice a few more have appeared, namely “booze”, “cooking”, “daydreaming”, “food”, “OMG News!”, “pets”, “swimming” and “travel”). I’m also acutely aware that most of the blogs I like are riddled with photos, but the unfortunate reality of my blogging habit is that most of it is done from work, where I can’t really spend a lot of time playing around with pictures. I’ll try and make a bit more of a concerted effort to do some photo blogging on the weekends (and also finish that damn Vietnam section).

We’re due to go to the bank this afternoon to finalise the mortgage, but Steve’s solicitor can’t get through to their Public Trust people to agree on a settlement date. I’m not sure if that’s going to hold things up, but I hope not…we’re hoping we’ll be able to take ownership by this Friday (and go run around the place on the weekend, hehe).

Oh, and last night Daph and I went to the Craftwerk knitting night at the Southern Cross. It was lots of fun! The weather was cold and miserable, black and rainy, and we all sat in on the couches near the fire, knitting (some crocheting) and drinking cider, then hot chocolates with rum. ‘Twas lovely.

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