The house…and other stuff.

So finally, we can let out that breath that we’ve been holding for the last week or so! The house is ours, and it’s such a weird feeling. We can do anything we like: paint walls, put up shelves, make curtains, insulate, put a cat flap in the kitchen door, revive the old glasshouse and garden… there are so many things we can do with it – it’s got a clean, dry attic space, and a huge basement (that could become the ultimate workshop, or even a spare room). We can put in a wood stove when we hibernate in winter.

The only drawback is that we’re stuck in our flat, renting until around October. Luckily Ben’s looking for a place, and he loves the house, and all the space it would give him (especially the workshop downstairs). He wouldn’t mind if we started renovating rooms, replacing pipes, putting in gas (and an infinity hot water system) while he’s in there. We can go round and stare and stare and stare at our new house.

It just has such a great feel about the place – not like a brand new house that’s sealed up tight, new and clean. Making this house ours is going to be like a discovery – it’s that same feeling you get as a kid when you explore around your grandparents’ house. There are all sorts of things to look at, point to and marvel at: the silver dollar plant in the corner of the garden, the begonia sticking its nose out of the glasshouse, the five foot high broccoli in the garden, the meandering path that leads down through the road reserve and down to the street, the abandoned bird’s nest in the dead ivy on the trellis under the living room window (complete with two blue eggs), the secret chair surrounded by hedges in the front yard and the old 60s swing round the side of the house. There are so many other things I’m sure we’ll discover, and hopefully pay respect to, as we make it all our own.

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