Some new dramas

So last night I was working on “Hike” and realised that the arm was starting to look a bit long. Many people would have put their faith in the pattern and continued onwards before doing anything rash, but I have had so many problems with this pattern so far that I had to take evasive action and sort it out.

Just going back a few years (!), I started working on this pattern in 2005, when I ordered the very lovely Pakucho organic cotton (in Avocado) from Elann. They were having a special, offering the yarn for something like $2.90 a skein. I ordered what seemed like plenty, and when it arrived, swatched and confidently set forward on my new knitting adventure. About halfway up the back, I grew doubtful about the size of the expanding blob, checked it against the pattern, and wound up frogging the whole thing and starting again, in a smaller size and with smaller needles! Radical, I know. Anyway, I got up to completing the back and one side of the front (it’s a zip-up cardigan), then obviously got carried away with something else and put it aside.

I finally picked it up again last week. Completed the other front half and started on the sleeve. So when I found that the sleeve was getting tremendously long, I had to nip it in the bud and go back a few centimetres before I started the decreasing. Now I think the arm length is right (as is the width), but now I fear I’m nearly out of yarn. Guess who didn’t order enough at the time? (what a nightmare)

I hopped back on Elann, but of course they don’t sell Pakucho organic cotton any more. Very few people do! They’ve got a website and all, but this seems to be more interested in selling cotton tshirts than yarn, even though the yarn got great reviews when it first came out. I found one shop selling it, got through the ordering process, only to find that they only shipped to the US and Canada. I finally found someone who ships overseas (a store with the bizarre name of ‘Chez Casuelle‘), only to find that they are stocking something called “Green Avocado”. I want Avocado. Is Green Avocado the same thing?

I’m getting desperate here. I order the Green Avocado (plus some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock merino to make the most of the $20 shipping I’ll have to pay to get these things to New Zealand) and hope for the best.  If worse comes to worse, I’ll frog the damn thing and make hundreds of knitted washcloths for everyone for Christmas.

(Oh, and we’re meant to hear back today about whether our tender was successful for the house. I am so freaking nervous! )

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