Tender and Secret Pal

So last night the real estate agent came over to discuss the whole tender thing. Steve and I had a figure in mind, after talking with the valuer, and I was ready to just sign the papers and be done with it, but there was so much else to talk about: what percentage do we offer as a deposit, do we let them pick a settlement date earlier than the standard month, do we offer to take the rest of the stuff from the house (save them from cleaning up), etc. etc. etc.? It was surprisingly more difficult than I’d imagined – Steve’s conflicted about really wanting the place but not wanting to spend a ridiculous amount just to get it. I figure if it’s in our budget, and somewhere in the vicinity of what the valuer suggested, then we should go for it. In any case, of course the real estate agent had to talk up the price, and then left us with the papers to “think about it overnight”. A cunning ploy, if ever there was one.

I hate this closed tender crap.

What else…. oh yeah. I finally signed up for Secret Pal 11. I’ve been wanting to do it for ages but always heard about it when it was too late. Thanks to the very cool Google Reader, I subscribed to SP10, and caught the recent announcement about the next one. It’s not starting for a good while yet, but hey, I wasn’t going to miss out again! I hope I get a good pal.

I finished Nicola’s “fetching“s (pictures to come) and have finally got back to working on Rowan’s “Hike” (see here) that I started back in 2005. Once that’s done I need to finish my “Rosa” by Louisa Harding (here) that I also started a while back (in green, not pink).

Then there’s more spinning to do, the new Harry Potter game to review, a research essay to write……

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