Back at work

It’s Tuesday, the first day back at work after Easter. Man, am I tired. It was a fantastic weekend, though I didn’t get any study done (urp!) and spent the last day (yesterday), lying around in my pj’s, hung over. Aside from that, it was great – Steve and I bottled one lot of beer (28 750 ml bottles of wheat beer) and then put on another one (something called “Imperial Pale Ale”), I got a copy of Final Fantasy XII, which is fantastic so far, we went to Steve’s sister’s for dinner on Saturday, had Ben, Tash, Jeremy and Megumi round for dinner on Sunday, and got slaughtered! We were drinking some vodka that Jeremy and Megumi brought back with them from Japan (well not vodka per se, but a Japanese equivalent, the name of which I have completely forgotten), plus Steve’s Margaritas, and the rest of the Mexican Cerveza homebrew that we made about six weeks ago. Jeez.

I also started working on a bit of an update on the site, of our trip to Vietnam that we took back in October. It’s a work in progress at the moment, though I’ve got about a week’s worth of material already up. Feels nice to have something to show family, etc. I’ll be updating it over the next few weeks (hopefully).

Hungry. Think we are going for a swim tonight too. (Oh, did I mention no exercise over the long weekend either?)

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