Nearly Easter

So, it’s nearly Easter. It’s 5:05pm, and I’m just about ready to hit the ground running and get the hell out of here. Today’s been crazy at work – crazy! – and I’m so ready to go home now. I was thinking of heading home for the nice long four day weekend, but traffic heading north from Wellington will be insane, and I don’t fancy sitting in a car all weekend long.

Instead, Steve & I are going to relax tonight, go to his sister’s for dinner on Saturday, and maybe have Ben and Tash, and Jeremy and Megumi round on Sunday to drink and eat and maybe watch a movie or play backgammon or something. Then more recovering on Monday.

Already people down on the street are scurrying off home, already it’s getting dark outside.


I’ve changed the comments settings for this blog, as for the past few weeks I’ve been inundated with spam comments. So now, if you’d like to leave a comment you have to be registered. Sorry. It’s just been such a hassle with total randoms bombarding me with creepy blank comments.


I’m also hoping to complete my latest spinning project: hot pink wool blended with black alpaca. It’s quite lovely. The alpaca is just so soft, I’d forgotten how wonderful it feels. I think I’ll wind up putting it in my Etsy shop.

I’ve also got my old drum carder that I think I’ll put up on Trademe soon, as well as a copy of Harvest Moon: It’s A Wonderful Life for the PS2 that I just can’t get into. It seems to take so long to get anywhere, and the game’s not really that responsive to the controller. My Game Boy Advance version played on the DS is by far more enjoyable. A pity.

Nothing much more has gone up on NZGamer after my huge wave of reviews that all came through at once. I’ve got one preview to do for Friday – Revenant Wings (FFXII) for the DS, and that’s it. Nice.

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