Best swim so far

Monday at work. The day’s actually gone by pretty quickly, and it was a lovely day, so I really can’t complain there. Yes, it’s Autumn, but it’s still sunny, with just a hint of crispness in the air. I love it.

Steve & I went home for lunch, rode home on the scooter, up past the Botanic Gardens (and bus loads of tourists), under the viaduct and up to Karori. It’s strange living in the burbs after so long being right in town. I like the space though. Like our big back yard and garden, and I love so much having a cat. Sooty is so damn awesome.

It was a good weekend, too. I met with Brian up at uni, and discussed my research topic some more – it’s actually threatening to take shape! That was Thursday. Friday was Peter’s last day at work, so we had some farewell drinks for him, and then Steve and I headed home to meet his parents, who stayed with us for the weekend.

It was really lovely to see them again, to just relax and do things like cook them dinner and watch Father Ted reruns with them. I got some study done, and actually got the drum carder out that Steve gave me for my birthday last year, and carded up a whole blend of bright pink wool with this gorgeous black Alpaca I’ve had since we made that trip out to Nicola’s friend’s farm. I started spinning it yesterday. It’s a really lovely pink with black flecks, and so soft with the Alpaca. It’s gorgeous. I spun and watched Goonies. It was bloody great.

Then in the afternoon, Steve came with me to the pools and we both did some lengths. I had my best swim so far (since I got back into swimming mid-March) – 32 lengths! 800 metres! I know that’s peanuts compared to what normal swimmers swim, but for me, it felt amazing to have got to that point. I’m really happy about it!!

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