Few more NZGamer updates

Last week was really full on – I had two reviews and a preview to do for NZGamer, as well as all my other stuff with work and uni. Thankfully I got them all done on time:

Sims 2 Seasons

The Dig

Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway

Feels nice to have them done. I posted the Sims Seasons review just minutes before Sandra, Joe, Jono, Eman (and Nicola later) arrived for a night of poker. Surprisingly, I won 38 bucks. It was fun anyway, but the money kept Steve and I in pizza for the week, and paid for the odd work lunch that I bought. Nice!

Work’s OK. I am still horribly bored, but at a total loss as to what I should do about it. I’ve been keeping an eye out for jobs, but they all seem so much the same that I’m not really excited about most of them. There is one job that Tash has recommended I apply for at TradeMe, but I haven’t heard anything back from them about that one yet.

Things are going really well, otherwise. We’re slowly moving into autumn, it’s getting dark earlier, but the weather is still for the most part pretty sunny and warm (although there were flash floods up in Northland last night, apparently a couple of motel units got washed away in Kerikeri!).

Steve’s parents are coming to stay with us this weekend, for a wedding in town. Saturday they are heading to the wedding, Steve’s heading up to Raumati to suss out his house that he is selling, and I am going to get stuck into some of the books that Brian lent me for my research topic. Hoping to get some writing done at some point as well.

And then it’s Easter next weekend! Hopefully it will be quiet and relaxing.

Stomach growling now, time to see if I can drag Steve out into the sunshine and see if we can find some food.

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