Well, I’m back

And sheesh, we had an incredible time. I’m not even going to try and start describing the trip – rather, I’m going to update the blog with notes from my diary and accompanying photos. Just give me a week or so…

In other news, Steve and I have signed up for a new flat! I say flat, but it’s actually a complete, standalone house, with three bedrooms, a big lounge, big kitchen, dining room off the kitchen, huge back yard and a garage! The third bedroom is more of a sun room, which I’m dying to turn into a study. Steve’s already made off with the garage for his own, and has been mentally filling it with mountain bikes, his motorbike, and the dream scooter he wants to buy, as well as tools and gardening equipment. The back yard’s perfect for Sunday barbecues, and apparently gets a lot of sun. And I’m going to get a cat! I can hardly believe it. Found one on trademe that looks awesome, a three legged sweetie named Spanky. I’m going to go meet him on Saturday to see if we hit it off. (If he turns out to hate me then I’ll probably go look for another cat at the Cats Protection League.)

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