Hoi An


Amazing that it’s Friday yet it’s taken until now (3:40pm) for me to realise. Another end to another working week – but fortunately I’ve been left off the ride for a few merciful (but brief) weeks.

I’m in a cafe. Steve’s ridden a bike to the beach for the afternoon – I guess in an attempt to purge himself of the shopping that’s been going on lately. To date I’ve ordered 3 skirts, one pair of pants, one white collared shirt, a kimono, a corduroy jacket and four pairs of shoes to be made. I’ll be a brand new girl when I get back to New Zealand. Incredible.

But now my ordering, etc. is finished. All I need to get now is two Ho Chi Minh green hats for Ben and Ben, and I think I’m done with shopping. It’s kind of a relief!

This woman just came by, who I bought some sweet peanuts on rice cracker from yesterday. She stopped and said hello just ow and gave me some more! She refused to take any money either. So sweet. I also had a conversation with a moterbike taxi man (xe om) whose daughter lives in Waihi beach – he visited her last year. It’s so nice when you can just speak with people and not have a financial transaction between you.

Sticky teeth! Think I will pay for my 7up (7,000 d) and walk back to the hotel for a read until I go pick up my kimono at 5pm. Also need to get some cash to pay for the shoes and another shop also. Oops. Have I over-extended?

More pics from Hoi An:

IMG_3081 IMG_3087 IMG_3096


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