Cha Ca La Vong

Lenin_ParkAfter a lazy sleep-in, then chicken pho, some internet time (no email from parents), we caught a couple of xe-oms to the army museum, but unfortunately it’s closed until 1:00 (or quite possibly 1:30). We’re now in a park just off Lenin Square, enjoying the shade, as it’s more than a little hot!

Last night we went to #14 Pho Cha Ca Street (Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant) for some Cha Ca – the Hanoi speciality, gorgeous fish cooked in front of you, then mixed with a couple of cups of herbs (mint, coriander, spring onion, plus other greens) and then ladled over sticky rice noodles, and served with a chili dipping sauce, toasted peanuts, and more fresh herbs. Delish!

We also found this great store selling old communist propaganda posters – including some original ones going for up to $70 US a pop. They were really great though. We bought some smaller ones at $7 US each, and then I went back to get one for Ben (Ho Chi Minh and Lenin). A good pressie, I reckon.

I really like it here – people are so nice. Most will smile at you, make eye contact, etc., even shake your hand. The streets can get pretty manic though!

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