A sensory experience!

people plowing rice fields with water buffalo

lush green gardens & banana palms

busses passing trucks passing scooters

cone-shaped hats bent over rice paddies

communist star flags flying over buildings, boats, everywhere…

people crossing busy streets with two baskets on a yoke

girls riding bicycles while holding umbrellas

five people on one scooter

“trucks” consisting of a rotary plow pulling a huge wagon

woman crouching on her heels, selling gum

piles and piles of baskets, and rush/brush brooms

huge russian and chinese trucks from the seventies

people walking around in green army hats

big baskets filled with fresh herbs

“gentleman in the nighttime” flowers on Cat Ba Island

burning rice stalks on the side of the highway

large piles of bricks everywhere

narrow, four- or five-storied buildings with a balcony on top

fresh beer from a bia hoi

huge stands of bamboo

ice coffee made from strong coffee, ice, and condensed milk

long roads that seem to go nowhere, and end abruptly

a farmer leading two water buffalo (one a baby) and two cows down the main road

hazy skies – sun a dim ball in the sky

passing shrines / graveyards in the middle of the countryside

pagodas perched on top of karsts in Halong Bay

swimming in the South China Sea

eating an orange with a green rind, picked for you by a woman who lives in the middle of Cat Ba National Park with her husband and eight or so puppies

riding over waterfalls while on the back of a motorbike in Sapa

large bonsai-esque trees in beautiful ceramic pots

fresh coconuts and pineapples for sale by the side of the road

sunglass street. towel street. herb street. temple street. blacksmith street. silks street. toy street. (Hanoi)

weasel poo coffee

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