Saturday stuff

Today started out pretty slowly – Steve woke up early and cooked us both breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon on top of English muffins, with yummy curried zucchini chutney and tabasco sauce on top), then headed out to meet Alex T for a bike ride. I took some photos this morning, of my latest yarn, and put it up at my new shop. Yeah, I’ve got a shop! I didn’t want to mention it earlier as I only had a few things posted, but now I feel that I have enough there to actually point people to it. I haven’t sold anything yet, but I’m of the opinion that if your stuff is of reasonable quality (and I do think it’s good) then you shouldn’t have too many difficulties in the long run.

I love the yarns I have posted; I’d keep them all myself, but there is something really fun about going through the steps of selling something you’ve made. Taking photos, figuring out length, wraps per inch, writing an interesting description, then posting it all up on etsy.

Here’s what I put up today:

Papa, Mama and Baby Bear

I also spent a little bit of time on Photoshop, playing around with creating a little logo. I know Photoshop’s really old hat for most people, but I’m really only starting to discover it now. I guess I never had a use for it before (or never thought I did), while now I want to try out things like creating a banner for my shop, and all of a sudden I’m messing around with layers, backgrounds, fonts, etc. etc.

Here’s the logo I finally came up with. (Let me know what you think.)


I think it’s pretty damn cool.

I then spent the rest of the morning carding some of Galadriel‘s fleece in my drum carder (that I bought cheap off Trademe). It’s so fine and black – it’s gorgeous. But hard to get out some of the bits of grass and things that have gathered in there too. The carding seems to get out a lot, but because the fleece is so fine, it makes picking stuff out nearly impossible. I did about five or six batts in all (takes quite a few layers passed through the drum carder to make those though, the teeth are quite short) and then got a sore back from leaning over it all.

Anyway, we’re off to Alex’s for dinner now. No doubt we’ll be talking about Vietnam (his brother works for the embassy there and Alex went over earlier in the year)… should be good. I should go get changed though, I’m covered in fluff and fleece… (fluff from the massive cleaning frenzy we both got into later this afternoon.)

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