So on the weekend, Rochelle, Nicola and I went and visited some of Nicola’s friends, Stephen and Tamara, a couple of awesome people who came all the way over to NZ to live the green life and raise Alpacas.

Their farm and house are so pretty, tucked up a valley that’s only about twenty minutes north of Wellington. And their alpacas are gorgeous:

The girls - and Jim, the Llama.
Trying to feed them, but that camera's distracting!

Stephen, Rochelle and Tamara

Ooo, we had a great time! (I’ve only got videos of Nicola, so unfortunately there’s no pic of her here…)

In the end I wound up being able to buy about 600g of beautiful black fleece from a gorgeous girl named Galadriel (who I was able to watch spitting a couple of times). She’s the black one in three of the photos above.

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