freezing night

Steve and I have just signed up for broadband, and we’ve set up a wireless router, so I am quite happily writing this in my room. It’s a freezing night. I’m sitting at my desk, toes burning from the cold. We’ve got two heaters running, I am wearing my nightgown, pyjama bottoms, robe, woolen socks and slippers, and my feet are still freezing. The wind keeps howling past the house and rattling the scaffolding outside. It really is one of the coldest winters New Zealand has had in some time. Down in the South Island, there are people who have been without power for close to two weeks, what with all the heavy, heavy snowfall down there. I don’t know how they are managing. We have power, and it’s still crazily cold.

Friday tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I haven’t been well, and the cold is still lingering a bit. Still, I went back to work on Wednesday. Things at work are strange, what with my team shifting from the thirteenth to the first floor of our building, getting a new team leader, and Simon, my closest workmate, leaving the company. It almost feels like a new job – except the work is still pretty boring. I’ve been desperate for something new to do for so long, and really am growing tired of feeling ignored. Whether this is the intent or not, it’s the end effect.

However! Tomorrow is my American Gothic class party. Gothic pizza party. Costume essential… And Saturday, Daph and Graeme are coming round for dinner. Sunday is an afternoon movie at Ben & Tash‘s with soup and bread. It’s going to be great.

Oh! And I forgot to mention, I finally got round to getting my hair cut. Six months plus it’s been, since I last had the chop. It’s nice. It feels light and flowey. Flowy. (both look wrong)

Have also completed a couple of articles for NZGamer: a preview for the Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, and a review of the very awesome puzzle game, eets. I recommend eets. Go check it out.

But now I’d better head off – I have to burn a CD of music for the gothic party. Will post pictures!

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