sick (and a few goals)

Hello, I’m writing to you from home today! I have been home for the past five days with a hideous cold – I even spent saturday night puking into a bucket. Nice eh. Today (Tuesday) finds me back in the land of the living, though I would by no means say I am anywhere near 100%. The last few days have gone by in a complete blur. It’s completely bizarre – I think I slept for the middle three days, and today made myself stay awake for most of the day (though I did have a few naps) in an attempt to acclimitise myself to having to get up for work tomorrow.

I suppose the one good thing about going to work tomorrow is that I’m actually on leave for half the day – so I will only be in for the morning. Then I will be heading home to wait for the Telstra man to come and install cable for Steve and I – so from tomorrow onwards, we will have cable TV and a cable modem. I am finally leaving dial-up behind me forever! (Well, for now, anyway.) I hope the cable TV thing isn’t going to be a pain. I mean, I hope we don’t wind up living in front of the TV or something. We pretty much got it so we won’t miss out on sports (rugby, motorbikes, that sort of thing) and I thought getting the Rialto channel might be nice, etc. etc. etc. It all feels a bit…normal, really. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to.

I’m wracking my brain, trying to think of news, but of course, I’ve been home sick, I haven’t got any news. Apparently we have moved down to level 1 at work, so when I return I’ll probably spend most of the morning unpacking all the boxes I packed way back on Thursday. I have a bit of a window view, so it’s not all bad, but I reckon I was ripped off, as we were initially told that we’d be choosing desks based on how long we’d been working at the company – and there are quite a few people with better spots than mine. Ah, to hell with it. I’m looking for a new job. Must remember.

Speaking of which, I have applied for a couple of jobs this evening – both web writing positions, which I think is the only area in IT that I could tolerate at the moment. Fingers crossed. You never know.

One thing that I did do today (aside from finishing my damn embroidered spacegirl on a pillowcase which has been taunting me for the better part of a year) is make a list of a few things that I would like to complete this year (sheesh, I should just come right out and say it, yes, they’re goals). They are:

  • get a new job
  • pay off my credit card
  • finish honours (research topic)
  • work on the first draft of my novel

I realise that possibly these are just things to do, but I am not usually a goal-y planny type, so these are pretty good for me. Next year’s thoughts might include:

  • think about doing a Master’s degree
  • publish something (creative)
  • get a part time job

again, not anything earth-shattering, just some things I would like to think about.

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to upload a few more photos. Just… generally. Here you are:

bedroom view

steve and friend

(doh, sorry it’s sideways)

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