Latest review is up

At NZGamer. This one’s on the new Superman game. It’s just a preview, nothing flash. Just wait for the one I’m doing for Rise of Legends. (Due Friday, so should be up on the web next week I guess.)

In other news, my exam for American Gothic is next Tuesday. I’ve taken Monday off work and am going to have a good long cram. Have been getting in some work last week and this week, so I’m feeling relatively prepared, but this weekend will be the real test. I’m hanging out for a bit of a break though. I feel like I need a holiday!

What else have I been doing lately? Well, it was Queen’s Birthday on Monday, so we had that day off. I spent it studying (of course!), making bread (focaccia and pita bread), playing Rise of Legends, and my new fave, Dreamfall. It’s such a sweet game. And totally engrossing. Beautiful scenery, interesting storyline, cool characters. I really rate it.

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