About me, work stuff

Morning! Though I see we’re nearing noontide. Ok then, just hi.

I finally got around to writing an “About Me” section. Click on the link above or check it out here. I hope it’s not too depressing. I’m aware that I’ve been blathering on about work a lot lately, in an abstract sort of way. Today I even wrote a pros vs cons list. You know things are getting bad when you’re writing those sorts of lists.



  • Am pretty independent – no one really to tell me what to do. Self managed, etc.
  • Can surf the web, download music, etc.
  • Nice people (most of them)
  • Good views from my desk.
  • Cruisey
  • up for a pay review soon?


  • Actual work is boring
  • There’s no challenge to the day anymore.
  • No decision-making authority.
  • No perks
  • Owned by a large corporate. Hate Big Brother.
  • Repetitive work.
  • No advancement possible?
  • Earthquake risks?

Yes I realise “earthquake risks” is a little bit on the desperate side, but so is “up for a pay review soon?”. The independence thing is something to be considered, however, not to be tossed aside lightly in favor of a job where you are squarely positioned under some manager’s thumb. But deep down, I know I need to progress, to grow, to learn, to take on new challenges. Frankly this job just doesn’t offer that. So, it’s now about having the guts to make a change, and to not just leap into anything. I want to find myself in a position where I’m a bit fulfilled. Where I have some flexible hours, or fewer hours, or some time to work from home.

A guy from class is an editor for NZGamer. He told me last week that they were looking for some new writers, and asked me to send in a writing sample if I was interested. Could be the start of something, who knows!

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