Signs that it is your current employment making you unhappy

Signs that it is your current employment making you unhappy could include:

    * no interest in doing any professional development in the same area of work
    * no interest in promotion opportunities or limited opportunities for promotion
    * wanting a change of lifestyle (possibly more money or less pressure)
    * wanting more or less responsibility
    * unreasonable workloads and working too many hours
    * lack of flexibility in hours
    * too much or too little travel
    * harassment/bullying
    * no access to training or professional development
    * wanting to improve your pay or work conditions.

Other work-related indications that you may need to consider making a career change could be:

    * feeling bored
    * wondering where the challenge has gone
    * feeling unappreciated and having a sense of being stuck with no way out
    * feeling unwell too often
    * a feeling that the real you exists only outside work
    * doubting your earlier career choices
    * not being able to express your values and beliefs
    * dreading having to go to work in the morning.

On a positive note, you may be feeling a sense of accomplishment and completion with your circumstances, and ready for a new challenge or looking forward to changes in the near future.

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