darker, later

Quiet day today. Took a picture of the view from the window here at work, but realised I do not have my USB cable here. Uploads will have to wait until another day. This morning was rainy again – I guess autumn is really being ushered in. This afternoon it’s grey and overcast, with the harbour dreamy and pretty out the window. A few cars on the street waaay down below, but things seem pretty sleepy this afternoon. Me too.

I thought I’d be bored all day long at work, as things are pretty quiet at the moment, but this morning I read loads of Garrison Keillor on Salon, and this afternoon looked at some Elder Scrolls: Oblivion reviews. Game is out Friday. Should keep me tucked away and busy while Steve’s riding up to Auckland and back over the weekend. I also have to make some serious progress on Absalom, Absalom!too.

Bumped into Cath on the way back from lunch. Found out the reason for her (and Reuben’s, and their friend’s) hasty departure from the Irish Club on Paddy’s Day. Apparently her Irish friend got a bit homesick and upset. Poor thing.

Last night we watched Apocalypse Now – Redux. Finised at half eleven, but at least the loud bastards upstairs had already turned in by that time. I hadn’t seen the redux version before… there are quite a few reviews of it (of course) around, offering this and that love and hate. On one hand I think the movie felt too long, compared to the original. Steve hadn’t seen it before (though he’d just finished reading Heart of Darkness), but I could tell he was wondering how much longer they’d be on the river before they got to Kurtz. I didn’t like the extra Bunny scene. I didn’t think it was particularly helpful to the movie. I did like the scene where Kurtz reads from the time magazine. I did like the French plantation scene, though the bad swoony music when Willard makes love to the French woman was a bit OTT. I think they could have skipped the seduction, and comparisons to the French bird’s husband “he was two people, a killer and a lover”. It was a nice touch, and an important one, though, to establish in some way the French presence. Most movies about Vietnam tend to focus on the American presence during the war. (That said, and now I really am rambling, I remember seeing a very good movie, Indochine, set during the 1930s in Vietnam…)

Anyway, that’s about it really. Getting darker earlier. Going to head home for more Faulkner and Steve’s cooking dinner!

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