Hey! Urk, Christmas comes along and then suddenly it’s March… How did that happen? Hope you had a good one! And a good Paddy’s Day too. I went down with Suzanne (and Steve, the new beau, though I guess he’s not that “new” any more… 1 year together now!) to the Irish Club, to celebrate with cheap pints of reasonable Guinness and dancing girls, live music and lots of Irish accents. It was nice to get away from the main strip of pubs where it takes fifteen minutes to reach the bar! All and all quite good. Where did you get to?

We just turned our clocks back on the weekend, and noticed immediately as it got darker earlier. It’s colder too. Still – Steve’s just moved in to my flat…hopefully it’ll be nice and cozy this winter! I’ve got pet fish and a friendly cat and a tomato plant on its last legs. Job is shite (hopefully things are getting better for you in that department though?) but aside from that I’m happy. Doing my honours part time at uni.

Oh cool, drama at the Gaiety! Are you still doing that this year? Hell, and an apartment in Nice… Awesome! Are you renting it out or are you guys going to use it during the holidays? And a Vespa! Steve’s got a motorbike that we go for the odd trip on (in Jan we went down around the northern part of the south island), but we’ve been thinking about getting a scooter for around town. Sounds awesome!

Anyway, sorry for slacking off over the past few months… Hope you guys are doing well! Do you get to see much of James at all?


Jeez, a scrapbook from the past! What a laugh… Wasn’t that some clothing design thing we were going to do? (I think I have some drawings somewhere…)

Switzerland – Las Vegas sounds like the life! What does your fiance do – do you both work from both places? I’m back in Wellington now – I’ve been back since the middle of 2003. Currently doing the office slave thing, and working on my honours degree part time. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with myself. Something interesting, preferably not in IT. I’ve considered the academic route, but it’s hard to know what it would really be like. Maybe it could get me back to the states for a while though, who knows! How do you find being back, after being over in Switzerland for so long?

Aside from that, I’m living in a flat up in the hills, and my boyfriend’s just moved in with me this past weekend. He has a place about an hour up the coast (up near Paraparaumu!) but is renting it out now. We’re going to try and save some money, and then who knows… Travel, work overseas perhaps. We’ve been thinking about teaching english in Southeast Asia.

So yeah, things are good! Write, and let me know what you’ve been up to!

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