American Transcendentalism

A guy from class sent through this link: “American Transcendentalism: An Online Travel Guide”. It’s quite interesting, and also led me to information about this guy, Jim McAlister, who sounds as if he has the coolest job on the planet. “Job” isn’t exactly the best description for it though. “Job” sounds more like what I do.

We were busy over the weekend, shifting the last of Steve’s stuff out of the house. Well, I helped out, while Steve & his parents did most of the work. I was stuck working my way through as much of The Scarlet Letter so didn’t get to help out as much as I wanted. In any case, most of his stuff is at my place now, so fingers crossed we can find a place for all of it. I suspect we can, as most of my stuff seems to have spontaneously thrown itself onto the floor or other available surfaces.

Other than that, not much is on at the moment. Still rather disgruntled with work, but not sure what else I can do to pay the bills. I need some time alone on the side of a mountain to think it all through, or something.

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